Minted Christmas Cards

So it only took four years of being married to get my first Christmas card photos, but hey, I'll take it! You would think that only being a family of two, it would be easy to find a time to take pictures, but when your husband loathes having his photo taken, you both work full time, and it's a race against the sun, it proves decently difficult. 

I am so glad to have pictures of our tiny family at this stage in our lives. And it's special to me that they were taken at our first home. Personally, I feel like it's self explanatory why our dogs are in our photos, but for those of you with similar mindsets to my sweet granny, they are our children and we love them. 

Minted did a fabulous job with our cards. I love the gold foil lettering and that we were able to include more than one photo with the front and back. Honestly my favorite part was that the envelopes were pre-labeled. You typed in (or uploaded if you're organized like that) the addresses, and they print right below the "deliver to" on the envelope. So for people like me who have horrible, childish handwriting (stencils are my life), this was a God send. I literally have to slap on our holiday themed return stickers, a Charlie Brown stamp, and I'm done. 

I love all three of my sweet boys and am so grateful for them. I live a very blessed life and am thankful to have a few of those sweet moments captured on camera. Excited to be able to send these out and spread a little holiday cheer! Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Cards | Minted
Photos | Chelcey Tate Studio