September According to Instagram + Favorite Blog Posts

So September was a slow month for me here on the blog. Mainly because everything else was requiring my attention! Some of our best friends got married, I went on a girls trip to St. Louis, discovered I am severely anemic, and got a new job, to name a few. Our sweet Wyatt turned one (note the hat), I filled orders on repeat, and we finally got a few glimpses of fall. All in all, it was a pretty wonderful month. 


Favorite Blog Posts

1. Office Before & After

I always love when I "finish" a room. To be fair my decor is ever evolving, but I have a list of certain things I want done in each room, and for the office that check list is finished! It's been so fun for me to compare our home to the photos I took the week we moved in, and to see the progress we've made!

2. Homemade Vanilla & Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Talk about a guilty pleasure. Sometimes I eat healthy and exercise. Sometimes I make homemade ice cream and make chocolate milkshakes out of it for a week. It's all about balance people. 

3. Simple $5 Skirt

So it makes me mad that clothes cost so much. So I figured over the next several months I would try my hand at making a few simple ones! Send me all of your tips, tricks, and suggestions! I'm excited to get started!