My Beautiful Mess

This has been a season of changes for us lately. We tend to make all major life changes at one time. But I guess your twenties are one of those times of constant change. When people are expecting you to act like an adult, but you don't remember there being a class on that in high school. 

Sometimes I feel completely put together, and other times I feel so incompetent I want to just cry.  In the past year we have taken on a house, illness, new jobs, two puppies, and what feels like so much more. 

We present our lives on social media through a perfect lens, at just the right angle with the ideal filter. However, lately life for me looks more like running around with my giant planner with about 50 posits and my cracked i-phone screen.

Right now I'm in one of those periods where everything hits at once - work is going to take some time to sort through, our house has a long list of projects that I want to work on,  and add in several large financial purchases to catch up on and you've got the recipe for my panic mode. 

Sometimes life gets in the way. Gets in the way of simple, happy moments. So all this is not to say woe is me, or for me to be a big complainer. I hate that. This is to say my life is real. Real messy, real crazy, real happy, and really full. Being crazy at work just means that I have job security and goals to chase. And lets be real, I love my house projects, even if I can't get them done as quick as I would like. And finances? There are always going to be unexpected things that pop up. The biggest things for me is trying to learn how to roll with them. 

So this is my life. And some days it may push me to the edge of my breaking point. And other times I step back, and feel pretty damn lucky to be twenty four years old and to be blessed with as much as I have been. So here's to embracing the good, the bad and the beautiful. Because this is MY beautiful, messy life.