Cider + Red Wine

Cider + red wine. So apparently other people know about this. However, no one I know has, so I thought you all needed to hear about this simple goodness. Some people refer to it as mulled wine, but this is more like a combination of the two. It's my favorite fall drink and it's quite literally three ingredients. Sure you could add all sorts of craziness like honey or orange peels, but I like simple. And easy. 




Cider, or honestly apple juice: Depends on if you like it super sweet or not. Typically I use apple juice. 

Red Wine: Really any kind will do, you don't need it to be expensive

Aspen Mulling Spice: I suggest you don't substitute on this one if you can find it. SO GOOD. Locally I get mine at Paul's Fruit Market. 





Pour all of the cider/apple juice in the crockpot. I usually do a gallon, so be mindful of that when adding the mulling spice. 

Mix in 1/2 of the container of cider spices for cider and the whole thing if you are doing apple juice. 

Let cook on high for a few hours, or low for several, depending on when you need it by. 

Pour glass to about 2/3 full with cider. Add about 1/3 of red wine. Honestly whatever ratio you want works, I just like to still taste the cider. 


Seriously the perfect drink for bonfires, football games, or just a cozy night at home. If you haven't tried it before DO IT.