Spare Bathroom Before & After

OH MY GOODNESS. When I first saw this bathroom all I could do was laugh. And praise the Lord that this was paint and not wallpaper. 


So again please remember that we are on a budget, but we made our list of things we thought we could change ourselves. 


2) new faucet

3) paint the cabinets and change the hardware

4) frame the mirror 

5) change the light fixture

SO it look three coats of primer and two coats of paint but I think we have it where we have a simple, clean, looking bathroom. We would love to change the cabinets out someday, but we are so much happier with how this room looks!

For the cabinets I used a product called "Gripper" that acted as a primer so that I didn't have to sand everything. Then I put three coats of a semigloss black paint on top of that. 

Framing the mirror took a little guess work. Basically we picked out some simple molding and cut it to size. We (my husband) then chiseled little holes out in the back to line up with the existing metal attachments that were holding the mirror to the wall. We painted the wood and then used a glass glue to keep the wood in place! 

As I said, still a really basic, simple bathroom but no more stripes! Yay!