Back To Square One

So when we moved into our house, the previous owners had not lived here for over 8 months. As far as the cosmetic aspects of the house, it had been longer than that since everything had been updated. Our biggest goal for the outside of the house was just to get it "back to square one." Pulling out all the trees and bushes was the goal, that way we could slowly update it without it being overwhelming. 

This is the house the week we moved in. Tons of potential but it was very out of hand. 


Please note the jungle that was the bushes in front of our porch. If you sat on our rocking chairs, you could not see the street, only bushes. While these red bushes weren't awful, they were well over a third of the sidewalk. The tall, awkward tree by the window was turning the side of the house green because it was planted too close. 


Walking up from our driveway to the front door, you got to see these awesome green clumps that labeled themselves "bushes" to the left, and the large bush want-to-be tree thing at the top to the left. Joyous. 

And lets not forget the sea of endless weeds I had the pleasure of dealing with ;)

But it's okay because we found the porch again and planted new little shrubs and flowers that will hopefully grow this spring. 

And I put in a rock border that frames it nicely. Hopefully we will have grass growing up to the edge soon. And new mulch made this look so much cleaner. !! We painted the shutters as well! 


So much better! No more awkward bush/tree at the top of the steps! No more fear of being hit by branches as you climb them. 


In the midst of working on our yard, our mailman told us that we would no longer be receiving our mail if we did not fix our mailbox so that jumped high on our priority list! 

New light fixtures and these cute little potted plants make this such a happier entrance to our home! 


Over all we are so please with how much cleaner everything is looking! We're planning on putting railing on our porch and up the stairs by the driveway! We are also installing a fence around the backyard soon for our pup! We have since painted our rocking chairs black, so they stay cleaner looking! Can't wait to use this front porch to decorate for the holidays!