Kickoff To Summer With QDOBA


How has is this little guy almost one?!?! This past year has been a crazy one. From having Parker, to my grandpa passing away, moving with a three month old, now both of us changing jobs, and traveling for training, I feel like we hit quite a few major life changes. Nothing like packing it all into a small time frame, huh? While we are still constantly working on the house, we’re to a point that projects aren’t completely taking over every single room! So now with summer here, it’s the perfect time to start hosting again!

I lOVE having people over. Trying to figure out a schedule with a baby has been a challenge, but I think we are starting to figure it out again. So we decided to have a bunch of friends over last night to kick off the summer with catering from QDOBA.


I cleaned the house, they cooked the food. I am A-okay with that. I’m more of a baker, then a cook anyway. We were able to have several couples over and everyone found something that they liked. Even Parker tried beans and tortillas for the first time! Also this is what parties look like for me right now :) Surrounded by littles. And I’m okay with that.

Plus they’re much more cooperative for taking photographs sometimes, even if they’re both mean muggin.


Apparently when he moves up classrooms at daycare next month, they want him to sit at a chair, use a plate, and sleep on a cot, not a crib.

Ya good luck with that.

We’re working on the plate LOL


Thank you QDOBA for taking the stress of cooking and planning a party off my shoulders. We were able to host our own Summertime fiesta with very little planning and effort.

Well I guess that depends, can you see the paint in my hair? I may have just finished painting the guest bath right before people got there. So maybe some effort. But more on that later this week :D